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Welcome to Sensory Intuitive

Transformative Heart Fire Practice

A Sacred Space and Place for True Self Exploration, Discovery and Embodiment.


About Sarah

A Spirit Soul, Emotional, Mental, and Physical Guide

Sarah is a true bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds. Her in-depth knowledge of the physical body and how it stores emotions combined with her vast knowledge and experience of energetics and the spiritual world enables Sarah to guide those who are ready and willing to transform their world from the inside out. As a healer, she will guide the deepest transformation using the vibrations of her words, energies and emotions to ignite a shift within ones core. Sarah’s gift is to meet people wherever they are at physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually to ultimately awaken and heal the soul within the body.


The Unique Journey

Anatomy Drawing

Movement As Medicine

Quantum Tools


Words Are Matter

Energetic Touch


Body Brain Mapping

Vibrational Insight


Somatic Journey

Please connect with me for information on scheduling a session or spread.
All in person sessions are 90 minutes long and $150. Sessions can include any of the above methods or tools depending on individual needs and where the transformational process leads.
Vibrational Insight Card Spreads are $111 and are sent via email.

Starry Sky

"Mysterious awesome indescribably magnificent"

Henry Miller



208 Broadway
Hanover, MA 02339


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